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Cherry Drives…

… an Escalade?!? What the?  That’s a $60,000 vehicle if it costs a dime!  NVOS.  No visible means of support.  Is Mark on salary at the magazine?  Doubt it, and if he is it can’t be much.  Cherry doesn’t work, and I can’t imagine that Doc Davis’ patient docket is that full…  so how is it that the two are driving around in such finery??  I mean, look at the WHEELS on that truck!  They have to be 22’s at least!!  Total after-market upgrade!


And now that it’s dark again, the plot really thickens.  No way Mark will be able to hear Cherry over the roar of Obie Falls…  Good of her to notice right away that the Jeep has a flat, but then based on her ride, we can see that wheels and tires are her thing…


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