Home » Lost Forest » HUNGH?


Had to check the spelling on that one… Not a “BANG!” But rather a “SSHHHH”  Don’t want to disturb the wildlife!

And thank goodness that “All Rights Reserved” language is gone from the right margin… I suppose they need to leave their mark periodically, but I didn’t want to have to look at that every day…

I know I give Mark a lot of trouble for his tendency to vocalize his inner monologue, but there are times when it’s expected that a person talk aloud to him- or herself.  This would be one of them.  But rather than a guttural “HUNGH…?” I would probably have let out a stronger oath than that…


But at least there is a little tension developing.  Emphasis on the word little…  Mark’s on private land, has a satellite phone, and can’t imagine there isn’t a spare on board…

James, your first week at the helm reveals little (or perhaps a lot?) about you as a writer- and artist-in-charge… We are in your hands, and we are growing restless…


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