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Invisible cell tower? Sat Phone?

Allen doesn’t know how cell phones work either…  or the proper way to hold one whilst talking…  OITMON (out in the middle of nowhere) one would not expect to get any kind of signal, but there it is… Mark pouring out years of pent up longing and emotion to his one and only…  could it have been there all along and Elrod was too emotionally constipated to let it be shown?  Allen, now at the helm and driving the dialogue will be bathing us all in sweet nothings…  Not sure I like this at all…


Not sure I like the close-up of Cherry Trail either…  the more I look at her face the more I want to look away…  eyes impossibly large and eye sockets wide-set…  This to engender trust and sympathy?

At least we get a little wildlife shot today- thank you Mr. Whitetail with your prodigious rack, we only heard mention of the Grumpy Grizzly yesterday.  Do you have a name?  Likely not, as you will be mounted and perched over someone’s fireplace mantle come the winter…


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