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Who on Earth is James Allen?

Starting April 11, 2014, Jack Elrod’s name no longer appears on the daily serialized version of this strip…  Elrod signed the Sunday edu-ma-cational version of Mark Trail, but this James Allen fellow has been signing the daily strip ever since…  which so far is producing drech like this:


The Google reveals that James Allen has been with the strip as Elrod’s assistant, and that Jack Elrod is retiring two days after his 90th birthday.  Yikes…  and here’s more than you ever wanted to know about Mark Trail and the Genesis of the Strip…

But back to our “story…” Growler the Goose, Rex the ill-tempered Grizzly (what? We can’t have a HAPPY BEAR in our midst??)  And even though Mark is prone to voice his every thought, he can’t even let the four winds know of his secret- that he feels “fortunate” to be sponging off the Davis Family…


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