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82 days…

We have been laboring to bring this story to a close…  boy time flies when… well, not when it pertains to Mark Trail and his never ending quest to save the natural world from those who may want to profit from its bounty…


And Yes!  Poor Jessica!  Letting Ethan “Marlin” Fauscett take the entire rap!  Never mind the evidence we have that she was in on the whole enterprise and that they were both afraid of being found out… and how important the income steam was to keeping the island intact and “private.”  Looks like she will have to begin opening her doors to eco-tourists and other such folk in order to keep things going…

Look at Doc… Wincing in pain from the once again smug son in law, off doing good while he and Rusty were left behind…  Mark, you really are a piece of work…


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