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That’s right Mark, It’ll be EASY…

Mark must have hit his head hard going into the water… Use of a contraction rather than whole words is as rare in the Trailverse as well, Mark and Cherry, well… you know, rumpling the sheets… But with the entire case handed to nameless, face shifting peace-officer on a silver platter, Mark’s work is done here.  And so with his hair magically back in place after the watery tussle, off Mark will go to pick up Doc and Rusty, with lusty tales to tell- Poaching, Punching and saving the soul of one Jessica Cannup, who it would appear is going to get off scot-free, that is unless the evidence leads back to her…


But what of poor Jessica and the island?  We shall never know what becomes of the house and the grounds now that the main source of income has been cut off…  and there will be no more saved birds…  Ever think of that, Trail?  Life is full of trade-offs… and with your self-righteousness and your punches, you just sentenced countless birds to a fate that might have been avoided…

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