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Talk about mailing it in…

It’s one thing to re-use artwork from prior days and prior story arcs, but this is just blatant…  Check out Mark’s face from panel one to panel two…  at least they had the dignity to change where the water droplets are located…  And the “Officer” is none other than the random changeling who knocked on Doc’s Motel door…  only now he looks familiar since there is a blatant “copy- paste- apply different colors” thing going on here…


And Mark!  Your hair!!  It’s all wet and mussed up!  Oh well, at least every now and then we get to see your more human side, the one that doesn’t say “camera ready” all the time…  Of course Mark has a list of his contacts, since Mr. “I don’t know what private information looks like” coughed up all the names and addresses of where Marlin Ethan Fauscett ships his illegal, ill-gotten booty…

Let’s all hope that that the plot machine that spins back at Lost Forest can come up with something other than poaching…  <<yawn…>>

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