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Room 69…

Well, it would seem that Jason smith, Newspaper Man, was good on his word… even if the instructions WERE terribly vague, something about if Mark didn’t get back to him SOON, he should call in the authorities.  Well, here he is.  Knocking on the Motel Room Door of one Doc Davis.  Of course Rusty is bound and gagged and in the closet, because that’s what he likes… but for now let’s study the changing face of the Florida Mountie…


From panel one to panel two, it doesn’t even look like the same person, and from the back he indistinguishable from the other two people…  Even Doc’s face seems to be slipping off his skull in the last frame, having worked so hard to generate even a modicum of enthusiasm for his unexpected visitor…

And by the way, what is the policy regarding facial hair for this particular Police Force?  Typically it’s mustache only and then not more than an inch on either side…


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