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Boat?? We don’t need no stinkin’ BOAT!

We’ve got Air Force II at our disposal…  we can be out at Pelican Point in minutes!  And by the way… If it’s an island, why is it called Pelican Point?  Is it a point that juts out from the island??  Must be a pretty big island…


And of course a POACHER is the most dangerous criminal that a person might try to challenge!  And Mark, a mere citizen of Mother Earth, is certainly in over his head… Or so the local authorities think.  Apparently Mark’s reputation for playing all roles in fighting crime has not reached Florida…  Why, he has no use for Police, District Attorneys, Prosecutors, Judges, Juries or Jailers…

And Let’s also think for a moment about the last time Jason smith was involved- remember where that was?  Why, it was in Mark’s (or Doc’s) back yard-  there was poachin’ goin’ on right in LOST FOREST… It would seem that THE JOURNAL has quite the geographic span and regional following…

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