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First Punch Thrown!

And it’s not from Mark!  We waste no time with idle chatter…  Ethan Fauscett aka “Marlin” has “had it” with Trail… Can you blame him?  Mark not only overstayed his welcome, he has shown no compunction about getting into their sh*t, either, and all in the name of what?  Suspicions?  Accusations?  And exactly what does a bag of Turtle eggs look like?  I would think that they would be place gingerly into a box, with padding, not all thrown into a gunny-sack, where risk of breakage and spoilage would be high.


Ethan, I cannot stop thinking about Ethan from “Lost” and what a creepy dude he was…He considered himself one of the “good guys…”  I wonder whether Ethan “Marlin” Fauscett considers himself a “good guy?”

Will Mark Return the blow?  Will he fold like a cheap tent?  Let’s stay tuned!!


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