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Oh man… where do I start?!?

“Well, let me put down my bucket of green slop, hitch my sagging drawers, and tell you all about this guy Marlin…” says our rotund little nosey-parker at the dock…  He doesn’t seem the least bit confused at the notion of “clients” being ferried back and forth to the island…  But Mark, mind like a steel trap, immediately questions this relationship.  I don’t blame him.  Makes no sense to me either…  Georgia License Plates??  Another data point!  All roads lead back to Georgia, home of Lost Forest…  Sort of like in “Lost…”  all “roads” lead back to the island…


So… Mark “decides to head back to Pelican Point…”  on what grounds?  Your work is done here, Mark, you have your story…  Or do you realize now that it’s not much of a story and that there is a “story behind the story” that is aching to get out?  Is Jessica trapped in a life that supports her Pelican saving habit, but deep down she knows it’s all wrong?  Is she tortured?  Physically or metaphorically?

Speaking of tortured, there’s that misshapen Pelican again in the first Panel…  what on earth happened to it?  Is it Rusty shape shifting into an animal and missing the mark?  What about Rusty and Doc, they are still stuck at the hotel staring at each other, while mark heads back over to the island…


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