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What? is business THAT good?

You couldn’t just throw the damn thing in the deep freeze, thaw it out later stuff it and paint it??  First clue as to what’s “going on” here… A Taxidermist turning down work… something’s “fishy,” all right…  “I am in the middle of a few other things?”  What on earth does THAT mean??


And sure, Mark, just come on in!  Nice of you to wrap the fish in brown paper and tie it up with string, otherwise there would be fish juices dripping all over the hallway rug!!  Or are we in the workshop, judging by the tool rack in the background of panel three?  “Caught a Big Snook” is code for, well, catching a big fish called a Snook.  Sometimes things are what they seem…

And from the Comics Curmudgeon:

While Jessica Canupp may turn out to be virtuous, I definitely remain convinced that her boyfriend Marlin is up to no good, what with his constant suspicion of Mark and now his refusal to help make Rusty’s dreams of a mounted, taxidermied fish looming over his bed come true. In unrelated news, I’m an unrepentant city slicker and thus have no idea how one transports a game fish to a taxidermist, but if panel two is any guide I guess you wrap it tightly in a neat cylinder of paper? My first suspicions were that Mark had brought a freakishly enormous baguette to his hosts for dinner, or perhaps a giant novelty cigar for everyone to enjoy afterwards.

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