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And by “camping out” you mean?…

And by “equipment” you mean?  Such are the loaded words of our intrepid hero.  But I probably overthink this…

Let’s study the profile of one Jessica Canupp (that’s one n and two p’s, please…)  She is right out of the Mark Trail clip art library.  Raven hair, long lashes, the look of a Hollywood matinee idol, but with khakis on and a heart of infinite capacity when it comes to the outdoors and wildlife.  Probably a trust fund baby with virtually unlimited resources…


So far Marlin hasn’t had much of a speaking part.  He keeps being talked about and referred to as if he wasn’t standing right there…  Yet everyone knows him as “Marlin the Taxidermist.”  Remember, his name is Ethan Fauscett; I wonder if he even remembers that?


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