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One Poacher Sent Packing…

Well, I guess the guy with the spear was no more than a plot device allowing Marlin and Jessica to get to know Mark Trail before he properly introduces himself… Which he does straight away- without so much as being asked.  “My name is Mark Trail,” he offers, unsolicited… Almost as if he has a string to pull out of his back with a limited numbers of lines that recycle throughout the day…


Boyfriend, huh?  Well, Marlin, you are in good company.  Mark knows all about the “boyfriend thing…”  just don’t make the mistake he did and hang around long enough to end up with a ring on your finger and a stray boy in your charge…  Marlin’s brow does seem to be a bit knitted… his hackles are up , not realizing that Mark is no threat to him or his girl…

And Andy, what’s with your tongue??  Better reel that back in before a snapping turtle takes a shine to it…

I think Mark and Marlin were separated at birth… either that or they go to the same barber…


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