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one strip = blink of an eye

I continue to see where the story line is jumping through space time hoops… following the flight of the turtle spear, and Mark’s Neo-like Matrix maneuver, entire sentences are uttered and people allowed to witness agape at what is going down on the water!  And just who is this saucy dish looking on?  Why no doubt it’s Jessica Canupp… and judging by the hulking silhouette on the dock next to her in panel three, we can probably rest easy in the notion that the turtle poacher is NOT boyfriend “Marlin.”  Whew…


OK, Mark, grab the rope and give it a good tug!  That poacher is no match for your daring-do powered by goodness and light!!  But I repeat, that poacher must have really been on a hair trigger to be going for the jugular on first brush… I mean they barely got three sentences out…


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