Home » Pelicans are moochers » Mark has his “go bag” in his hand

Mark has his “go bag” in his hand

Get your gear, Rusty.  Now.  We have to leave.  Right away.

Mark has his bag ready and packed for these moments when he feels like his past is catching up with him…  “Doc, Cherry, you coming?”  “Oh no, we are staying home, Mark.”  What ‘s with the big grin on Doc’s face?  Just knowing that he won’t have to deal with Rusty?  Did Mark even sleep in his own bed?  Probably not, all the better to avoid Cherry’s advances…


Yes, “have fun,” come the words from over Rusty’s left shoulder… Off he goes to fish for the second time in recent memory.  You know, sort of like the tension that builds when a guy is pushing 30 and has never “known” a woman, all the tension regarding “Rusty going fishing” has been let out of the balloon.  No more playing with his trust or affection.  What fun is that??


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