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The Return of Rusty

And it appears as though he is pulling a Benjamin Button… Aging in reverse…  Rusty looks to be about 8 years old, where in other shots he is bordering on puberty…  but no matter, let’s count the inconsistencies:  (1) Rusty was abandoned by his clan for close to three months and now “appears” out of nowhere as if nothing was strange or amiss; (2) Rusty claims to have a friend…  a friend with a lending library, and we know that Rusty has no friends; (3) Eggs sunny-side-up are no longer allowed based on USDA/FHA/CFPB/DOE/DOJ/OCC/LMNOP guidelines.


More Fishing??  These people are more one dimensional than the canvas they are inked and colored upon…  OK, let’s go with that.  More fishing.  But of course we remember the last (and first) time Mark took Rusty fishing… it resulted in a bad acid trip that had Rusty being chased by a T-Rex and harassed by a Pterodactyl…


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