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Mark, I sure hope YOU don’t bury YOUR garbage…

And, no, “Bury your garbage” is not a euphemism for anything…  like “Junk in the Trunk…”  I am talking about the OUTDOOR CODE.  With which I would assume you are well acquainted??  The whole “Leave No Trace” idea that would preclude one from ever “burying garbage…”  But no matter, it’s throw-back time in the Trailverse, when that practice was acceptable and as long as it was out of sight, it probably did not matter what campers did with their trash…


But wait ‘til “That Ol’ Bear” bites down on some syrup infused arrowheads… That is going to be one surprised and unhappy Ol’ Bear… But this is really a sad commentary on the impact of man on what is otherwise a noble and self-sufficient beast- Bears have only recently (relatively speaking) come to regard man as a reliable food source, since we can’t seem to go anywhere without bringing food with us, that bears have come to associate man with food!  And it’s not that bears tend to eat man, it’s all the hoho’s and Nature Valley Granola Bars that we keep in our backpacks…

But I sermonize… Let’s be grateful now that Jared was such a spaz and dropped the syrup bottle and spilled its contents into one of the pack baskets.  Who knew where that was going?  Certainly not me…

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