Home » First Nation Artifacts » I have “heard” gun shots not half that loud…

I have “heard” gun shots not half that loud…

Didn’t know broken brush could create a report approaching 130 dB…

And Jeff was never what one would call, ummm…, handsome, but now that he is riddled with Wasp stings all over his bald pate, he is downright hideous to behold…

And as the writers try to figure out where the you-know-what this story line is going (“I know! a bear! Yeah- A BEAR! Comes along, see, and oh!  Smells the syrup on the basket containing the artifacts, yeah! That’s it, and then it gets to digging…)  Sorry if I just guessed that one, but well, that’s why I am the one commenting on all this…  Sorry if that was a major spoiler…


But oh, thanks for what seems to be a resolution to this pack-basket-o-fun… Now we just need the others to randomly stumble upon Jeff and Mark, complete with Sheriff or constable or something… but in this present situation, with Jeff tied up, it might still look like Mark took the Indian stuff???  And HE buried it??  OK, figure that one out!!

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