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And the bees go buzzzz….

With Mark applying proper leverage and “use your legs, not your back” technique, up goes the canoe onto his shoulders.  Of course we could not have anticipated the hornet/wasp nest on the trail.  I think we can see what is going to happen now… But I don’t think the stinging mass is going to be able to discern good from bad… Is Mark going to knock the hive down and then hide under the canoe while Jeff B. gets the life stung out of him?  It is interesting that Mark will have to rely on nature to help him out of this jam… rather than relying on his own rights, lefts and kicks…


But with the Wasp mugging for the camera in panel three like Ferris Bueller, let’s assume they can tell the difference…

I would suppose that after this is all wrapped up, the Trail/Davis’s will NOT EVER want to go back into the woods… “canoe trip,” like “petting zoo” will become a euphemism known only to them as a time filled with nothing but pain, suffering and headaches…


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