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I think Jeff just likes to hurt people…

I got my coffee and beans, now I can hit him over the head with the butt of my revolver…  that way I can eat in peace while he is out cold…  Good lord, haven’t the writers heard of or read any of the literature regarding traumatic brain injury?  Like realizing James Bond enjoyed his martinis “shaken not stirred” only because, as a raging alcoholic, he had no choice, Mark has taken so many blows to head over the years that it might start to explain a few things…


But really Mark, you had to hear him coming, and you had at your disposal a pan of hot beans and a pot of hot coffee, either of which you could have thrown up in his face…  like with the flaming logs of a couple of days ago, you just keep missing your chances…  and Jared grows ever closer…

Good thing Rusty is “with friends…” the writers must have realized that there was simply going to be no role for him in this story…


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