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The slowest get-away on record…

That’s right, Slim, I mean Jeff, Mark ain’t “much for words,” that is unless he is all alone and has to verbalize his every thought so that we know what’s going on in the Trail-brain… And Cherry, the dutiful daughter, bringing her hobbled dad breakfast in bed.  How nice.


But back to the get-away.  Does Jeff think he can actually sleep and keep Mark in check?  This is going to become a test of who sleeps/ blinks first, right?  Or Mark “dozes off” and waits to hear Jeff snore, then turns the tables?  Meanwhile the weight of law enforcement come raining down?  Is Mr. Dunlap going to fall for the “Mark Trail is a really bad man who tied me (and his own dog) up and took all your Indian stuff?”

My heart goes out to the people that have to come up with one contrived story after another, but this one is making the “Johnny (rotten) Walker and the Senator” story look truly inspired…


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