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oh, so now there are TWO pack-baskets…

Only one of them doused in real “great on flapjacks” maple syrup?  Good think Mark sleeps with his clothes on, otherwise he wouldn’t have been in such a ready position out “help out” with the robbery…  So now what’s the story?  Mark rustles both men out of their tent, ties one of them up and forces the other to help him steal stuff, all at the point of a –what?- fishing pole?  A snarling St. Bernard?  This is getting more convoluted by the minute…


As they prepare to make their getaway (in a canoe!) I can only fear most for the artifacts that may all be lost to the muddy lakebed, by the time this all sorts itself out…  let’s hope that the pack baskets (really… this is a new concept for me) have a secure lid to prevent the arrowheads from dispersing…  But it would seem that I am (again) late to this party… the world is awash in packbaskets… who knew??  But unfortunately, they all seem to have open tops (no lids…)

Notice, too, that we have lost all formality (finally!) It’s just “Trail” now, we have dropped all this ‘Mr.’ B.S.  Mark, you have but one guy to subdue here since part of their master plan involves tying up the other and therefore taking him out of the equation.  Your Trail Brain must have picked up on that… If it takes more than the next day or two to get out of this one, I will be sorely disappointed…


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