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Mark will now retire to the museum!

And get USED!  How the wheels of the criminal mind turn!  Rife with possibilities!  The unexpected becomes an advantage.  This is why Jared spent time in the can and Jeff stayed on the outside…  Jared ignores all safety labels and fires up inside the tent…  Yes they are inexperienced at fishing and camping, as Mr. Dunlap points out…  so quick to judge, we are!  And not to be picky… but the conjunction in the first frame should be ‘and’ and not ‘but…’ since the critical remark has little or nothing to do with whether Dunlap “knows these men” or not…


I have never seen Mark yawn before!  That is a really funny picture!  Despite the coffee being served in panel one, the Sandman is beating Mark to the punch!  Well, sleep tight, defender of the forest.  You will need all your strength to combat the forces of evil lurking just outside your door…


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