Home » First Nation Artifacts » Never trust a clumsy fisherman…

Never trust a clumsy fisherman…

…and other maxims and witticisms can be found in Mark Trail’s new book, The Occasional Fisherman, or how I spent my life avoiding my family by staying in the woods… But Mark, considering how I have seen you use a bait casting rig with the reel hanging on the underside of the rod, I wouldn’t be throwing stones here…  While Andy’s robber-radar picked up on the no-goodnicks right off the bat, it’s taking Mark a little while and some strong visual clues to get the same place.  Curse Mark Trail- leave it to him to expose the phony fisherman come robbing ruse!


No, don’t check in the pack basket, Pops, you will see that we came loaded not for salmon, but for stealing!  And Cherry looks like she is all fluffed and folded in panel three.  Andy seems to be concentrating on something in the water.  Or looking away in shame at what a dimwit his master is…


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