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Oh… a fisherman and his GUIDE…

Well, that makes more sense, I suppose.  But which is which??  Is the guide Jared, in the back, doing all the paddling, or Jeff in the front, doing all the talking?  Jeff is probably a more credible client: loud mouthed, complaining, not letting the guide do his job…


Really, Old Man, do you think everyone in the world wants to see “your museum?”  You have pushed this collection on anyone who happens to stumble your way, even called the newspaper about it, which is about to get you into a real mess… Considering your latest guests have given you their real names, (or at least the half of them) they are going to have to add murder to their list of misdeeds, since the last thing they want to do is GET CAUGHT again…

“Trail?  Mark Trail?  Shit, Man.  I have heard of that do-gooder,” Jeff thinks to himself, his new ‘Mr. Clean’ look making him all the wiser and more evil…


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