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Oh Dear.

Not good.  This actually is manufacturing some tension…  canoes and swamping go together like… canoes and swamping.  Look at Andy’s ears blowing back.  Muscles must be burning.  This is tough sledding, ladies and gentlemen.  How’s that for advice, though?  You grab Andy?  I think Andy may be the only warm blooded creature that is capable of surviving this scrape…


Now, about those pfd’s… with that listed among their assets, they might have a chance.  Without them, their cotton clothes become heavy and drag them to the bottom.  “If we capsize?” Well, there’s an interesting turn of phrase… I guess it’s better to be ready, but still… If I had to make a prediction, they will somehow magically wash up on the dock/shore of Mr. Dunlap.  But I have been surprised before…

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