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We should get “Dad” to a hospital…

Huh.  Interesting.  Not that I am going to go back into the archives and prove what I am about to allege, but to my knowledge Mark has never referred to “Doc” as “Dad.”  But everyone’s all dried out and dressed (that was fast…) Cherry is showing the requisite concern (note hand to cheek- why do we do THAT???) and Doc is in the background holding onto his messed up ankle.  If Mark was paying attention (and it looks like he was) he would NOT have removed the boot from the ankle lest the swelling prevent them from getting the boot back ON… At least that was what I was taught back in the day… it’s all probably changed by now along with what’s good and what’s bad and when you need to onto a statin to attack rising cholesterol levels…


Mark seems focused on Doc’s “bad shape” ankle when in fact he should be worried about the microbes multiplying and slowing eating out what’s left of his brain… Panel three is interesting in that there are only two human silhouettes, no dog and yet the two canoes are ready to be launched!  Cherry- you ready to take the stern and drive one of them??


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