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OK, Another Thought…

You have a canoe, right?  Two, actually.  Why the hell didn’t you climb in and float across the river/ stream rather than do the Flying Walendas routine that now has two-thirds of the (human) party sitting, shivering, and risking hypothermia??  Or considering the water looks to be at most ankle deep, take off your shoes and boots and walk across, rather than fall in and get soaked.  Sorry Trail, your Trail-cred is shrinking before my very eyes…  What would Mark do?  Well, not in this case, boys and girls.  Don’t do what Mark does and you will stay dry and alive!


But of course we need to manufacture some drama with any of these stories, otherwise they would be a boring as paint…  so yes.  Cherry sits bundled (naked?- yikes!) in front of a roaring fire while Doc continues to fall prey to the effects of the Black Fly’s anti-coagulant spit and his own clumsiness…

Of course, Andy looks on in the first panel wondering why he hasn’t been invited to join in on the fun…


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