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Mustering concern…

…but it’s not coming…  I know, let’s drag the old man along the most rickety, moss covered timber “bridge” and see if he makes it.  It’s almost like a bad reality TV show or at least “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”  Reminds me of a pratfall I made on the trail, with cross country skis on my feet and a full load on my back.  Call it having a “high center of gravity.”  I swear in the middle of that my skis went higher than my head.  Everyone on the trail sort of looked at me to see if I was still breathing…


But back to our story.  It almost looks like Cherry and Doc are in a log-rolling competition in the middle frame… And Cherry is able to roll the old man off the log and into the water!  Such feigned concern!!  Meanwhile, sure-footed Mark, with Canoe on his shoulders, watches as Cherry’s evil plot unfolds… Mark, you are next.


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