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That IS Good News, Rusty…

“Getting that member of the varmint family out of my house can’t happen soon enough, in my opinion…” Doc wants to say but is sensitive to the lad’s feelings… He also wants to say that “Because Oscar has yet to be WEENED, his chances of survival are slim and none… unless he connects with a wet-nurse Otter, but no matter, we can’t afford another mouth to feed around here, even a small one, what with that mooching son-in-law and his adopted progeny about…”


Even with Rusty’s tortured past, he doesn’t appear to be haunted by separation issues… And Cherry, such a sensible plaid wrap skirt you have on… are you going off to your school teacher job later?

That last panel deserves to be turned into a framed print or at least a t-shirt… Undying and everlasting hope springing eternal in a young man’s heart…  almost brings a tear to the eye…

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