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Hiding in Plain Sight??

Wanted in several states for POACHING?  Maybe even MURDER?  And yet there he was dug in and operating with impunity at his “hunting lodge.”  Listen here kids: a life of wrong-doing will only lead to, well, cigars, whiskey, a huge closet of colorful flannel shirts, and oh, yeah, retirement to the BIG HOUSE!  I still say that there is another, more sure-fire way to put him away…  I mean where are the agents from Treasury?  Where’s the IRS?


So, with Sergeant York of the Aryan Brotherhood on the scene (c’mon, really?) and with Mark draping him arm around his newest, bestest “friend,”  Frankie and Big Mike are no longer “in business.”  I hope Mark doesn’t invite Ol’ Jason (oops, did I really just say that??) back to Lost Forest for coffee and gripping tales of life in the meat locker… that head of his is shining me!

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