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Underneath that calm exterior…

…beats the heart of…  NEWSPAPER-MAN!!! Able to work the phone (at least today he’s figured out how to hold it) and go GET THE STORY!!! I still chuckle at the notion of Jason Smith “working with Mark.”  I don’t think Mark would acknowledge as much.  He wouldn’t have the level of awareness necessary to pick up on that…  And aren’t WE being all Forward and Friendly…  “Hello Cherry, This is ‘Jason,’ you know, the guy you met once who went on a nature hike with your son??”

So with tied cinched back up, and lavender “Member’s Only” jacket donned, Jason, wearing his game face if ever I saw one, heads out to rescue Mark from the Deep Freeze… But will he make it on time??



Can you just feel the crescendo?  Big Mike and Frankie are about to get there comeuppance! And the animals of Lost Forest will be once again safe to roam and multiply until such time as they outstrip the available food supply and have to resort to eating their own!!

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