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A “Little” Hunting??? Ge Thee Hence, Bald Man!!

Oh, the sixth sense that only a NEWSPAPERMAN can possess is sensing that Trail is IN TROUBLE… or at least wondering whether he might be… But let’s take stock of Jason Smith in his natural environment…  Silk Rep Tie pulled open and loose around his neck- check!  Laptop open and ready for action- check!  Vocalizing what would be for anyone else a private thought- check!  But what’s that he has in his hand in panel two…  could be a smart phone, could be a box of filter tipped cigars, judging by the way he is holding it…  Certainly not like a phone…  more like a walkie-talkie…  base, come in, come in base, Bald Leader here…”  And he looks so smug calling Big Mike and inquiring about doing “a little hunting…”


But then I probably wouldn’t be giving him such a hard time if he just stopped over-compensating for his lack of hair on top with the fact that he is letting it grow so long over his ears…  I mean I have heard of and seen bad comb-overs, but this is taking things (literally) to a new low…

And if you are no longer IN BUSINESS, then don’t answer your freakin’ phone…

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