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Thanks Mark, For making that clear…

…that this is a REFRIGERATED Meat Cooler…  not the kind that keeps its contents WARM… and who ever heard of hanging meat butt-down??  I am no hunter but I have never seen THAT done before…  And even when facing death, Mark simply must vocalize most every thought… Although I have to admit that it’s best to talk out loud when one is chastising oneself for not displaying the virtue of foresight…


What do you mean, Big Mike, he “won’t last long in that cooler?” What- do you have cyanide pellets that drop from the ceiling or something??  And why are you beating such a hasty retreat?  That’s an awful lot of house you are walking away from, friend… What money out of what customers?  I would imagine you run a cash operation there- “No money, no trophy…” Every time Elrod tries to introduce any notion of what a “going concern” looks like whether legit or crooked, he he just falls short of anything that would actually sustain and pay…

Big Mike apparently does his best thinking with a glass of whiskey in his hand, or maybe that’s prune juice?  Regardless, Frankie looks on helpless as usual…

Mr Squirrel says, “Shoot, my paw is stuck in this knot-hole… but if I unclench my fist, I won’t get the prize that I am after…”

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