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…appears to be a worldwide phenomenon…  a nice wiki article also indicates that it is referred to as lamping in some areas of the world, and a typical crew can consist of two or three people…  makes it sound almost legal and humane… but I think the point of our story here is that it is VERY BAD and that BIG MIKE is a VERY BAD PERSON who has surrounded himself with VERY BAD PEOPLE and engages with VERY VAIN AND INSECURE CLIENTS…


Without a shred of compunction, with nary a second thought as to motive or potential impact, these two baddies are quite pleased with themselves… the object of their evil plan finds itself locked in a trance seemingly unaware of the threat that has befallen him!  Oh the injustice!  The hairs on the back of Mark’s smooth, Lilly-White neck must be bristling, but he can’t know why, only that there is no-good happening in his universe…

And since when to rifles go WHAM?!?  I thought they went BLAM, unless, the animal was actually RUN OVER…  and the rifle in the hands of Bad Guy #1 (played by Keanu Reeves) is just for show or to shoot humans who might happen upon their misdeeds…

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