Home » Wes and Shelley » Please don’t make me spell…

Please don’t make me spell…

…Rhododendron again…

…and apparently they were able to put the canoe into the magical stretching machine which allows all of them to fit… And it would seem that these plot lines are planned WELL in advance, written with forward hindsight, knowing that some vague throwaway reference to a RANGER STATION would be their way out of the wilderness…  Lesson here, intrepid campers- always know your way out whenever you venture in…



Although I am happy that it appears they won’t be dogged by near starvation and be tempted by cannibalism, this story is wrapping up a little too quickly for me… I mean we only met Wes and Shelley in mid-April for crying out loud…  But what a scar they left on Mother Earth…  Will Mark write a story about this?  Lessons learned?  Good camping gone bad?  It will have to be part of his recompense… That, and forcing Doc to mortgage Lost Forest to pay for the damages incurred…

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