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Cherry Baby!

Thank goodness we only have to endure one more awkward hand gesture from Editor Bill Ellis…  Seriously, what is he doing with his right hand?  Is he in mid-thrust on a hand shake, looking to take Mark’s Manly Paw into his?  Or is the hand going to continue its upward trajectory and find paydirt inside the Editorial Schnozzola?

But wait… “Time away from Work?”  What on earth are you talking about Mark?  Work?  You?  Huh.  Like what you do is SOOOO stressful. I don’t know, perhaps I underestimate what burdens are brought to the life of a self-righteous Nature Writer…


But let’s tarry no longer on that, let’s get to the transformational pose being struck by one Cherry Trail- And unlike in the Northern tier where Spring has hardly made a ripple on the collective populace, in Atlanta, home to Lost Forest, Spring is clearly in full bloom and Mark and Cherry are enjoying lunch, picnic style, with Cherry pulling out all the stops with the halter top and short shorts!!  Andy, Turn away! There may be shenanigans in the making!  And oh, could the bread be any Whiter?  We have serious diversity issues in the Trail-verse- even the bread has refused to yield…

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