At least now we know why they call him Catfish!!‏

Lying in the murky depths, looking for the light-up lure…  I am really having trouble buying this whole thing though, I mean it’s just not plausible…  lots of trouble to go to in order to make sure that you are bringing in the biggest catch of the day.  And where do they get their fish? Keep them alive.  I am growing bored with this.  Mark better be sharpening his fists and wrap this up in the coming week, or…


But note Mark’s priorities- (1) Catch them cheating and (2) recover Rusty.  These are two mutually exclusive objectives…  hmmm.  Very telling.



OK, I am sorry, but what about all those bubbles rising to the surface?  What do you suppose those are?  Fish Farts??

Again with Rod’s EQUIPMENT… And worrying about EXPOSURE…  I would be worrying about too many double entendres…