Why is it that karmic forces always bestow upon this lad the unlocked door that really should be locked???  Usually it’s a cabin in the woods being used as a bad-guy hide-out, but in this case it’s a gaudy conversion van owned by none other than our primary suspect, which will no doubt now reveal its deep, dark secrets of “success.”  But, really, who taught this boy any manners? A notion of boundaries?  Of private property rights?  Where is that small, still voice that should be saying, “Gosh, Rusty, you really haven’t any business nosing around in other people’s stuff…”  But no, the passion he exhibits and where he allows his natural curiosity to take him is, at last, what will drive this tedious plot line forward… Thank you, Rusty.


And we get a double dose of wildlife as a bonus- one avian and one mammal.  But what do you suppose is going on in the van?  How could Mr. Catfish have been so careless?  Oh the mind races with possibilities, some of them downright icky…  let’s hope for something that’s not cringe-worthy…