Clueless thy name is TRAIL!‏

Ol’ Rod has met his match!  His carefully orchestrated and scripted existence- Enter Tournament- trash talk the competition- catch most fish- trash talk some more- promote the Rod Bassy Killer®- move on to next tournament- repeat, is slowly being unraveled by this seemingly unflappable (some would say obtuse) nature writer named Trail.

“Oh, yeah…  I heard of you…”

You’ll wish you never had, Rod…


INSIDE my VAN?  Are you SERIOUS?  The Rod Bassy PLEASURE MOBILE?  Do you think maybe he’s hiding something?  I am still betting on freeze-dried fish that he produces just in time for weigh-in…  But again, where’s RUSTY?  Must be with Bluegill.  And we’ve yet to meet Bassy’s Hench-man ‘Catfish…’  Do you suppose he’s called that because he lives underwater and chases fish into Rod’s boat?  The possibilities are endless!

Bring out the Extra Large Font!

Like I said before, the man has anger issues…  And apparently he’s never seen a camera before… Isn’t it rather obvious what “TRAIL <is> DOING?”


That center frame says it all, though, the reason we read and care about this man and his exploits…

Trail Head 1

After all, it’s the face, the face that haunts… and beckons us back to a by-gone era where diversity doesn’t have a toe-hold, where the world is inhabited and run by people of non-color…

Well, I think we all know the answer to THAT question…‏

Of course I am NOT a betting man, ROD… But that lure of yours is clearly landing you in the tall clover, considering we are being given another long-look at your penthouse crib… Again I am thinking that the tournament must be in the Central Park Reservoir…


And considering that the “secret to his success” is out and has been for some time, what’s really the point of all this??  Oh that’s right, there’s still the fact that Ol’ Rod likes to talk about himself in the third person, which is a dead give-away that he’s the “bad guy.”  Don’t they all do that??  Or maybe this is all too reminiscent of the All Star Wrestling circuit, where men are larger than life and bring drama with them wherever they go!


I learned in Art History class…

…that holy figures were depicted (typically) with a circle or an aura around their heads…    jesus

And see how the “Rod Bassy Killer®” seems to not reflect, but emanate its own light!  So he’s either fishing with an illegal light-up lure, or this is truly the product a divine intervention…


Love the sneer in the last panel.  Rod Bassy is just as smug as can be.  His Ass-holiness is complete!

And Mark is SOOOO pleased with himself, having cracked the case in less than three days…  This is lightening, deadline fueled journalism being witnessed here!!

OK, cue the manufactured tension…‏

Really?  And the speed with which Mr Bassy switches out moods is alarming, suggesting that he may be a talented fisher-person, but at the same time rather unbalanced and unhinged… anger issues, itching for a fight, one could say…  It would certainly explain that nose…


But as always “Mark the unflappable” manages to fit in a life lesson or two without the unsuspecting reader even knowing it!  “Remember, Rod, it’s often times not WHAT you say, it’s HOW you say it…” “Oh, yeah, I guess you are right!”