Dr. Carter is a… MUTANT!

Check out the wings he sprouted in the first panel!  What th…?!


I can see it now.  Total ripoff from Raiders of the Lost Ark…  Right down to the melting faces


By themselves??

I’m not even sure what that means…


Individually?  Each one worth several hundred thousand dollars?  To whom?  King Tut?  And why are we continued to be fixated on the MONEY?!  What about the historical and or cultural significance of all this?  Or are we just all mercenaries?  I know that it’s a balancing act to keep the grant money flowing, but seriously.  And Rusty is caught up in the middle of all this, heavily influenced by the adults in the room, not the mention the writer that is putting words in his mouth…

I love the first panel… Mark is cradling probably half a million dollars in his hands…  and since he isn’t on Woods and Wildlife business, (where is Editor Bill Ellis, anyway?) he probably couldn’t get the magazine to cover for his clumsiness this time…

Nice Smirk…

I think this might be a new look for Mark!  What’s he implying, I wonder?  I am sure that “Professor” Carter hired Becky simply because she was the most qualified candidate… it certainly couldn’t have been her movie star looks!!


So, hide your disappointment Mark, she’ll turn up sooner or later…  with any luck, you’ll get trapped in the temple with her, alone, where you can (again) proudly proclaim your “happily married” status… Just like in the Cave Odyssey a few years back…

Grinning like a Baboon!

Oh, the thought of earning “top dollar” for the items “provided” by this site has Mark creaming himself!  What about anything related to the “Antiquities Act?”  What gives Carter the right to profit from this activity?  Does he have investors beyond the usual academic funding that are demanding a return?  Is he more mercenary than truth seeker?


And thanks, George, for pointing out Mara’s head/neck configuration.  It gets more disturbing from every new angle…


Boy that trailer sure does look secure!  Even has a locking doorknob!  And look!  Pottery!  Are we sure that we haven’t stumbled onto some ancient Artisan Commune?  Mass producing authentic (looking) items to be sold to gullible tourists visiting Chichen Itza?

Isn’t ‘several’ more than two?

Or perhaps Dr. Carter is referring to the number of weeks he has been looting this sacred site…


I can’t help but think that both men are extremely uncomfortable in their long sleeved shirts…  And as we are afforded a longer view of the temple, we are treated to a large face of sorts- not particularly scary, just unfinished.

Silver-haired, Blue-eyed Bambi!

Hey Campers, I’m back… did a little campling myself over the holiday week and now I am back on the grid!  LOVED the comment about Rusty having nothing to fear from virgin sacrifices… ha!!  Speaking of virgins, the movie “The Virgin Suicides” comes to mind for no particular reason.  An early Kirsten Dunst vehicle… before all the Spiderman nonsense…  Not to mention James Woods and Kathleen Turner as the parents…  definitely worth a look.


Yea, Mark, if you had anything at all to bet, we might take you more seriously than we do.  But seriously, look at the doe-eyed Marla, still with the strange head perched forward on the too tall neck!  She’s even got the goth lip color going on…  How old is this young(?) lady, anyway??


Aww!  That’s a rip-off!  Shoved into the stoner-van and dragged through the jungle only to be shown items from the gift shop!!  But yes, taking Mark inside and leaving the youngsters to fend for themselves should allow for a little hyjinx! (WHICH WOULD BE A FANTASTIC SCRABBLE WORD, BTW…)