Who says you’re going, Johnny?

Now that everyone is mad at Mark, even Jimmy, judging by the look on his face in panel three, Sarita is making the gross assumption that everyone is going to the Ghost town as planned, even though nothing has gone to plan ever since Mark showed up with his  new “friends…”


And what the heck s going on with Sarita in panel three?  Is she so mad that her Cherry mask is going to fall off?  Maybe that’s part of the game that they like to play when Mark comes over.  Sarita dresses up like Cherry, and well, who knows…  More than I want to think about!


Look who’s getting the dig in now!  Sarita is being accused of harboring a fear or prejudice against bald people, and she fires back against the mullet of the new age- the man-bun…


I meant to mention this yesterday… that Jimmy Ryan sort of reminds me of an old Mark Trail character Johnny Mallotte…


Johnny owns a fishing camp has has produced about 17 children… now there’s a man’s man!!  What’s crazy is that the child nearest him, stage left, bears a striking resemblance to Rusty, but in fact is not… hmmmm… speaking of which, I wonder what’s going on back at Lost Forest…

They don’t look like a “Professional camera crew?”

And what exactly does a “Professional Camera Crew” look like?  Do they have little black berets and pencil-thin mustaches?  And speaking of not looking like something we’d expect, what’s with Johnny Lone Elk?  Long hair, unshaven, prize-fighter’s nose, scowl… He has every marker of a bad guy in the Trailverse… why he looks like he’s even done hard time!


I am still totally befuddled how any of this advances the “get-away” objectives of Baldy.  Now he has three more people who can easily make him, that he will have to ice…

Yup, Cherry’s twin sister…

And look at Johnny Lone Elk in Panel two.  He’s gone and got his feelings hurt…  “But, but… Mark said I was going to be his Camera Crew!  How am I ever going to get my film career off the ground if people keep horning in on my projects??”


And sorry to have assumed, but with a name like JLE, I sort of assumed that Johnny would be Native American??  Maybe he Identifies as one?  Sort of like Dustin Hoffman in Little Big Man?  I guess anything is possible these days…

What, does everyone Mark knows live in a log cabin??

Sorry for skipping a day, kids, but now for the twofer!


Quick cut away from the Rapid City, SD FBI field office and all the bad hairlines to the home of Jimmy and Sarita (Wow, how exotic is that??) And Johnny Lone Elk lives with them?  What’s up with that?  I guess that’s what happens when you major in film… a life of dependency.  Wow, too, I can’t wait for weeks of clumsy and stilted dialogue pertaining to Mark’s unexpected “friends” or film crew or whatever…


Jimmy Ryan!  Now there’s a hairline worth writing home about…  Graying around the temples, paired up with the beautiful Sarita!  And her well placed hair band… and hand on the pane of glass making for beautiful smudge marks!

Yes, Mark is normally not so rude as to bring others along on his own invitation…  but there he is!

Oh man… Cherry’s going to freak!

Imagine you’re sitting at home in Lost Forest, scrapbooking or something, and the phone rings…  It’s the FBI…  Asking questions about what you know about your husband’s travel plans… You know they aren’t going to come right out with what they know, they want you to tell them what you know… and only after your story hangs together will they share the reason they are calling and to not worry about a thing, they are sure that everything’s all right…  But Cherry ought to be used to this by now… every time Mark leaves the house shit happens…


But in other news, it’s the hair!  The Hairline in panel one.  Yikes, that’s a sight.  It’s like a putting green surrounded by a sand trap!  He needs to pull some more money out of his retirement account and finish the job!

Yea, and I am growing weary of waiting to hear what “thing” Mark did at the Rental Car counter, other than invoke the name of Leslie Joyce, friend and apparent benefactor to Woods and Wildlife Magazine..