Like Lambs to the Slaughter…

It would seem that a broken right hand and a fall from the sky is all it takes to (finally) subdue these desperados…  Such sad faces signaling defeat!  No fight left in them at all…


And thank you Sheriff for pointing out the Bank… I guess it doesn’t say “Bank,” it just looks like every other non-descript, camel-brown building on this abandoned main street…  And what’s with your right hand?  All withered and shriveled and decrepit?  Ick.

You know, let’s hope that they ignore, or at least don’t believe, the story of the Grizzly… Have Samson attack and eat them.  That would be awesome!


Do you think the artist is sick of drawing rain drops?

Probably, but not a sick as we are of looking at them…  Remember the remake of the movie Godzilla starring Matthew Broderick?  Singing in the rain?  Remember how it never stopped raining that entire movie?  I never realized that until it was over…  very dark.


Speaking of dark, that’s where you are heading, sweetheart.  No question that you were in on this whole thing.  What?  Did you get a romantic urge to play a latter day Bonnie Parker?  Not like Baldy ever approached the charm of a Clyde Barrow

So now they are all going to go to the Bank to hole up in the caves and wait out the storm, never mind that they have been adversaries for months now… that there may be a hard feeling or two connected to this… But no, not in the Trailverse, apparently.  No one stays mad, no one dies, people fall out of the sky and land on a haystack.  REdemption is always around the next corner…  Why, I am sure that all the bad people had rotten childhoods without the requisite support network.  No one starts out bad… they just get that way for lack of love!  Baldy doesn’t need prison… he needs a stretch on a couch, talking to a professional, creating strategies to break the cycle of generational thievery!

Yup, you keep an eye on the Bald Guy…

…and make sure you keep your gun barrel pointed up at the sky… that’s the best way to catch as much rain as possible…  and I guess that Baldy doesn’t realize that the gun jammed, so is still treating it and the Sheriff with respect…


But Mark… moving the injured?  He said his back hurts.  But apparently not so much that he can’t walk.  What a wuss…  falls from the sky and crashes through a barn wall only to be led to safety by his captors…

And the Tornado, which has been kept at bay for the last week’s worth of minutes (if you know what I mean) suddenly reappears and begins to bear down on the crippled cohort…

Weeeee! Look at ‘im go!

‘Chute ripped from his harness, Pilot McPonytail hurtles across the sky like a cruise missile, while the three amigos simply watch slack-jawed and gob-smacked.


I suppose that the last week or two worth of installments represents mere seconds in actual time, but I am still wondering why the hell Baldy isn’t in cuffs, knocked cold or subdued in some way… He’s still the bad guy and still has fight left in him.


As for today’s installment, I grow increasingly confident that Mr. Allen is drawing inspiration from your comments!  Why Just the other day Richard Bryant, Esq. predicted that Pilot McPonytail would land in a “convenient haystack…” and voilà! it is so!

And of course Mark is immediately on the scene, inquiring after his welfare… as the pilot-turned-projectile miraculously survived being tossed through a wall at terminal g-force velocity, able to raise a crooked hand as if to indicate that any spinal cord injury is in the lumbar and not the cervical region…


What?  Only three H’s??


And if it wasn’t for Mark, who is back to verbalizing everything, we wouldn’t even know what was happening here…  At least the ponytail has gone back to hair-color again.  That was really bugging me…  And what must still be going through this guy’s head right about now?  “Why did I ever listen to that Bald headed son-of-a-bitch?!”  “Why didn’t I listen to my mother and finish high school?”  or “Damn that United Airlinesthis close to tenure and they drop me like a hot rock, forcing me to take up a life of crime…”

He did dye his ponytail!

Or it’s the magic, ever-changing chameleon hair color that automatically blends in with whatever is the background!


But what’s a couple of broken legs?  Ouch I can  feel the bones snapping right now… But where Mark can jump off a 100 foot cliff and not sustain internal or external injuries, I suspect this bad guy won’t do as well… even with a parachute.

But back to terra firma, do we have Baldy corralled?  Subdued?  He’s been backed into a corner, has nothing to lose, which is when the basest instincts take over, right?  A broken hand isn’t going to stop him!  Book’im, Dan-o… Now!

Non-Sequitur City

This is funny.  It’s like no one is listening to the other…


Other than, the “Yeah, I’m OK,” it’s Baldy: “My Hand is Broken,” Sheriff: “The pilot bailed out of the plane,”  Mark: “We really need to take shelter!”

Which brings us all up to speed with the exception of Johnny Loan Elk and Blondie, who are somewhere else in the Ghost Town…

Mark is showing genuine concern for Baldy, who by now is raising his broken hand to his mouth why?  Is he going to wretch?  Ewww.  He’s still got a left hand, though… I’d secure the gun if I were you…